NO1. Silymarin | Silybin | Silybum marianum | Milk Thistle | Dissolution rate > 90% | Effective absorption by the human body |

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Silymarin (NO.1 | Hepana)features :

The dissolution rate of Silymarin (NO.1 | Hepana ) in the United States Pharmacopeia is about 98%.| 

Meets U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards | 

Especially dissolution rate > 90% | 

Effective absorption by the human body |

Innovative Technology Successfully Improved Silymarin.

Do not need to modify the structure. 

Do not need to add an emulsifier.

Maintain the most original natural active ingredient.

Significantly improved bioavailability. 

Nutrient content 


Weight 230 mg ± 4% per capsule 60 caps per box


Exsiccated Frutus Cardui Mariae Extract -107.7mg 

(equivalent to 70mg Silymarin Calculated as Silybin monohydrate)

Nutrition Facts (per serving)

0.8 kcal calories, 0.05 g protein, 0.01 g total fat (0 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat, 0 mg cholesterol)0.13 g carbohydrates (0.03 g sugars, 0 g dietary fiber) 0.2 g sodium


Suggested Intake

For adults take 1 capsule 3 times daily.


Hepanamin uses HALAL Certified capsules.

This product does not contain chemical pigments, artificial flavours or preservatives.

The product should be stored in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight and damp conditions.

The product should be kept out of reach of children.


Silymarin related Q&A :

Q. Is Silymarin (NO.1 | Hepana ) different from other brands of Silymarin?

A:Academic research reports can find that "low oral bioavailability" is the key bottleneck in the treatment of diseases with Silymarin.

  The United States Pharmacopeia does include the Silymarin contained in Milk Thistle.

  The United States Pharmacopoeia has standardized Silymarin test eligibility criteria, among which the dissolution rate of the test items related to the bioavailability is the key.

  Silymarin must be dissolved in simulated physiological conditions before it can be absorbed by the body's gastrointestinal tract.

  Therefore, the United States Pharmacopoeia stipulates that the dissolution rate must be at least 75% to be a qualified Silymarin product.

  Silymarin (NO.1 | Hepana ) can completely pass all the test items in the US Pharmacopoeia, which is the dissociation rate.

  However, none of the commercially available Silymarin foods can pass the U.S. Pharmacopoeia dissolution rate test.

  The dissociation rate measured in vitro by the United States Pharmacopoeia cannot be directly converted into the bioavailability in vivo.

  Silymarin (NO.1 | Hepana ) commissioned the medical school to perform an animal test analysis of the bioavailability and compare it with the pharmaceutical company B and the Brand drug.

  The dissolution rate of Silymarin (NO.1 | Hepana ) in the United States Pharmacopeia is about 98%.

  The dissolution rate of the US Pharmacopoeia of Pharmaceutical Factory B is about 34%, so the dissolution rate of the US Pharmacopoeia is about 3 times different.

  The actual implementation of Bioavailability Animal Test Silymarin blood concentration of Pharmaceutical Factory B differed by 35 times.

  The US Pharmacopoeia dissolution rate of Brand drugs is about 78%.

  The actual blood concentration of the Brand drug in the animal test is 8.5 times different.

  Indicates the physical availability rate of taking 1 capsule of Silymarin (NO.1 | Hepana ) (70 mg).

  =Silymarin 2450 mg (35 tablets) from Pharmaceutical Factory B.

  =Brand drug Silymarin 595 mg (8.5 tablets).

  Therefore, the key to the efficacy of Silymarin (NO.1 | Hepana ) is far superior to other Silymarin of the same ingredient.

  At the same time, Silymarin (NO.1 | Hepana ) has commissioned a professional company to complete an oral toxicological safety analysis report.

  It is still safe to take 6.4, 19.2, and 51.2 times the normal recommended daily dose for three consecutive months.

  Therefore, Silymarin (NO.1 | Hepana ) is of course different from other commercially available Silymarin products with the same ingredients.

  Detailed comparison of the dissolution rate of Silymarin products in various countries.


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