solamargine Q&A (English)

solamargine Q&A (English)

The following is a summary Q&A.

This information is for reference only.

It cannot replace the professional evaluation and treatment of professional medical staff.

If you have any disease, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

solamargine Q&A (English)


0.【Taking reminder】

1.Preventive effect

2.Diabetes patients

3.Combined treatment

4.Bowel Cancer

5.Liver Cancer

6.Metastatic lung cancer

7.【Lung cancer】

8.Stomach cancer

9.【Brain Cancer】

10.【Breast Cancer, Uterine Fibroids】

11.Other symptoms

12.Other cases

13.Family Sharing

14.The occurrence of cancer from a scientific/non-scientific perspective


[Taking reminder]

The physique of the patient is mostly cold, and there will be symptoms of stomach deficiency/cold stomach

Due to cold stomach and physical weakness, the body reacts after taking it feels

 1. Upset stomach

 2. Have diarrhea

The suggested way of taking

 1. Do not take it on an empty stomach (please take one or two bites before taking it)

 2. Long-term rubbing the heat of Chest Center (RN17) can help regulate qi deficiency and qi stagnation. Promote the body's blood circulation, enhance immunity and absorption.

膻中穴_Chest Center(RN17)_R3.jpg

 3. American ginseng can warm and invigorate the symptoms of stomach cold and stomach deficiency (please ask a Chinese physician for treatment).

 4. Embrace confession and gratitude, effectively improve absorption; remove obstacles.

 5. Suggestions (increased gradually according to personal adaptation methods).


































 Can be increased to 2 to 4 tablets per meal

 Adjust according to personal adaptation.

Solamargine features

1. Solamargine promotes apoptosis of cancer cells.

2. Solamargine has no harm to normal cells.

3. Solamargine does not harm the human immune system and hematopoietic system.

4. Solamargine reduces the resistance of cancer cells.

5. Solamargine inhibits cancer recurrence.

6. Solamargine reduces the side effects of chemotherapy.

7. Solamargine enhances the effect of chemotherapy.

8. Solamargine is anti-virus.

9. Solamargine reduces the risk of virus infection.

10. Solamargine inhibits inflammation.

11. Solamargine increases immunity.

12. Solamargine can be combined with western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine

13. Solamargine is a pure plant extract without chemical ingredients.

[Preventive effect]

Q: The reports are all therapeutic effects, so does it have preventive effects? 

A: There is a fine line between prevention and treatment.

Above this line is treatment and below is prevention.

Prevention is the lowest dose of treatment.

The lowest dose to treat patients is 2 capsules at a time.

Don't just take one; taking one is no effect.

2 capsules are the lowest dose for treatment and the dose for prevention.

You have to eat it 3 times a day.

It’s not that if I take it twice a day or once a day, it will have a preventive effect.

In fact, there is a fine line between prevention and treatment.

Q: If there is a cure effect, will prevention be necessary for the future? 

A: Patients should pay attention to observation for at least 3 to 5 years.

Q: Will preventive use cause harm to the body? 

A: No.
 Pure plant extracts.

There is no chemical composition.

Without any side effects.

【Diabetes patient】

Q: If it is a very serious diabetic patient, will it affect it? 

A: Patients with diabetes, please don't worry.

The toxicological safety test has been completed.

When the rats are fed, their urine will be collected for inspection.

Passed inspection items include pounds, sodium, potassium, calcium, sugar, and so on.

There is no way to treat diabetes, so diabetes medicine must be taken and controlled.

But the combined treatment of cancer will not cause problems.

【Combined Treatment】

Q: Can it be combined with Chinese medicine? 

A: Yes.

But you need to find the right Chinese doctor.

If the treatment of Chinese medicine practitioners is based on syndrome differentiation, there is no problem.

If the medicine treated by Chinese medicine practitioners does not improve the symptoms, they will worsen.

That's not right.

Effective treatment will make the patient more and more relaxed.

Q: Can it be taken with western medicine? 

A: If you have doubts.

You can take western medicine one hour later.

Mainly how to cure patients.

Don't worry.

The merger of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine is just a matter of stubborn concepts and laws.

【Bowel Cancer】

Q: Does this help with bowel cancer? 

A: Some bowel cancers grow outside the duodenum.

Then some have spread to the entire abdominal cavity.

At this time, the abdominal cavity will have ascites, pain, and so on.

Regarding the therapeutic effect, conscientiously speaking, it is still too early for us to talk about the therapeutic effect.

There are not many cases of bowel cancer, so there is no way to tell you that it is absolutely effective.

But if the existing treatment effect is not ideal.

If there is no other option, it is worth you to try and see.

Q: My mother has had colorectal cancer removed. 

Now, the positron examination found that there is a shadow of 7 cm in the upper abdomen. 

The current symptom is vomiting out after eating. 

The doctor said metastasis to bowel cancer. 

Mom can't make it through eating and will swell up first, and then slowly pass by. Excuse me, the intestines are blocked? 

A: How to analyze this situation?

How to judge the patient's symptoms?

People with symptoms judge the improvement of their symptoms.

For example, the abdomen disappears faster and faster when the patient eats.

It means that the patient's tumor is gradually shrinking.

Therefore, the space in the intestines becomes larger and larger, and the qi disappears faster.

Judging by this phenomenon, you can feel everything within 1 month.

If after a month, the patient feels nothing or even worsens.

Don't use it anymore, it probably won't have much effect.

If it is effective, there will be improvement within 1 month.

So try to use it and see.

The protruding abdomen is because the food cannot be digested.

Accumulation of pressure causes vomiting.

So after this use is effective, his eating and vomiting phenomenon will gradually improve.

The indicates that the gastrointestinal has been dredged.

Generally, patients will know within 1 month.

【Liver Cancer】

Q: Is this effective for liver cancer?  

A: According to experience, there is very little chance that a large liver tumor will shrink to nothing.

Another problem is that liver cancer cells grow very quickly.

You are 3 centimeters now; you may grow to 5 centimeters next month.

Therefore, liver cancer cells are not easy to treat.

This is the place that is as difficult to treat as lung cancer.

Because liver cancer cells grow very fast.

So when you don't control the cancer cells immediately; the symptoms are uncontrollable.

In patients with liver cancer, the upper abdomen is usually compressed and compressed to the stomach, so the appetite will be poor.

After taking it, the upper abdomen tightening will soften, and the speed of abdominal swelling will slow down.

The upper abdomen is less tight.

Therefore, when patients with liver cancer use it, the upper abdomen will feel more comfortable, and then their appetite will be better.

As for whether the tumor can be reduced.

In fact, there is no way for a tumor that is too big.

Small tumors can be used with embolization or alone.

Especially large tumors will have many small tumors next to them.

Alcohol injection or embolization can only produce large tumors, and there will be many small tumors next to it.

Most of the treatment methods wait for the small ones to grow up.

Always chase there.

It will be out of control after a few years at most.

So combined use this to do embolization at the same time.

The small one next to it may be missing. If you don’t see it, you don’t have to worry about recurrence next time.

The small tumors in the actual cases that have been seen will really disappear.

Case number one 

A case of liver cancer patient

The doctor helped him with embolization treatment.

The doctor said: I will help you do this part of the embolization treatment first; because there are still some small and thin ones.

I remember that he had the second embolization treatment, and the doctor helped him to check it up.

The doctor said: Are you eating anything? How come the tiny cancer cells next to me are gone before!

Just do it the second time.

So the patient was very happy after listening.

Case two 

Patient: Mr. Li. male. Fifty-one

Symptoms: Alcoholic liver cirrhosis turns into liver cancer.


9/19. start using.

9/29. tenth day.

The patient's appetite improved and his spirit improved.

The patient could not eat at all and only had a little soup every time.

Can this kind of physical strength fight chemotherapy? impossible things.

Therefore, the patient is getting thinner and weaker.

The worse the physical strength, the less able to fight the side effects of chemotherapy, and the more difficult it is to treat.

On the tenth day after taking it, the spirit improved, the appetite increased, and the weight increased slightly.

When the patient improves and his appetite increases, he can eat.

The weight of the patient will slowly increase and the physical strength will slowly recover.

In ten days, the patient can feel whether the improvement is effective and whether the symptoms are alleviated.

Q: I am a liver cancer patient. I have undergone embolization six times and the tumor is two centimeters wide. Can I take this? 

A: Yes. Two-centimeter tumors with embolization therapy.
 Check again after taking it for three months.

Q: What if it is multiple liver cancer? 

A: Multiple ones are also okay. It doesn't matter.

Q: My father's first health check for liver tumors was 7 cm. Then there was a surgical excision. After more than a year, it relapsed and became multiple. I wonder if he can take it? 

A: Let him use it for two or three months and cooperate with the doctor's treatment.

Be sure to cooperate with the physician's embolization.

Liver cancer and lung cancer are the most difficult to treat, so you should never treat them alone.

The solo method has only one side of the bet.

If the patient cooperates with the physician's embolization treatment, add this.

You are a two-pronged treatment.

It is to increase the chance of improvement.

Many patients cooperated with embolization, and the speed of improvement was very fast.

Two or three months later, the small cancer cell next to it was gone.

【Metastatic lung cancer】

Q: Breast cancer has spread to the lungs. Will taking a few more pills will reduce his cough? 

A: Yes!

The patient is already very serious and has transferred to the brain.

The effort now is to prolong the life of the patient and improve his quality of life.

Let patients not be tortured by illness.

Simple activities are okay.

This is something we can work hard to do now.

It is difficult to remove tumors from the brain and lungs that have metastasized to breast cancer.

In fact, he is more of a terminal cancer condition.

What we are doing now is to extend life and improve the quality of life.

You have very little chance of curing the patient.

So I told the patient's child.

Get along with your mother during this time.

Your mother can feel your hard work, but cancer is not easy to treat.

【Lung cancer】

Another patient is lung cancer.

Originally, half of the entire lung had to be removed.

A girl in her fifties.

She cried and said, "In fact, she has no attachment to life. She only got breast cancer a few years ago, and now she ran to the lungs. The entire left side of the lung has to be removed. She uses this and cooperates with the doctor for paclitaxel (PTX) chemotherapy. After three months, the entire lungs are clean."

Q: How does this thing treat lung cancer? 

A: If it is effective for patients with lung cancer to take IRESSA.

The tightness in the chest will loosen after two weeks of combined treatment.

The coughing phenomenon will be reduced.

Patients can improve their symptoms.

After two weeks, 90% of patients had their lungs loosened and breathing was smooth.

The patient's coughing phenomenon slowed down.

A serious side effect of IRESSA is pulmonary fibrosis.

Patients are treated for five to eight months.

X-rays will reveal that the lungs will shrink and become fibrotic.

The patient will start wheezing, and there is no way to improve this wheezing.

So a very serious side effect is pulmonary fibrosis.

But this will not happen if you take it in combination.

In the hospital, it is necessary to cooperate with the doctor's treatment.

However, it is up to the family members to decide and judge how to treat.

Just share experience to tell you, to help you make a right choice.

Including how to cooperate with treatment.

But in the end, it's up to the family to decide. 

【Stomach Cancer】

Q: What if it is stomach cancer? 

A: The same goes for stomach cancer.

The upper abdomen of patients with gastric cancer is prone to pain with a little pressure.

A patient with gastric cancer is painful just with a quilt.

As long as it is pressed to the patient's abdomen, he will feel pain.

Does this thing work?

If the cancer cells grow in the stomach wall, they can be seen with a gastroscope.

Go for re-examination after taking it for two months.

See if the tumor that grows in the stomach wall has shrunk.

What kind of judgment can be used at the same time?

In general, stomach cancer tends to vomit out or the stomach hurts as soon as you eat.

After taking this, it depends on whether the symptoms improve.

The patient's symptoms have improved and progressed.

Eating every day has become an easy task.

Two months later, I will check the tumor with gastroscopy and I will know immediately.

If it grows outside the gastrointestinal tract.

Most worried about the spread of cancer cells to the intestines.

In particular, gastrointestinal peristalsis will be more painful when eating.

How to judge this time?

The intestines move smoothly after eating.

At the same time, there is no pain, that is, there is an improvement.

Most people cannot use an endoscopy like a doctor.

Therefore, we can only judge whether the symptoms have improved.

Patients will feel more relaxed and comfortable when their symptoms improve.

Remember this is not an elixir, don't ask for the tumor to be gone for three months.

The whole health recovery is not that simple.

It is already difficult to control and shrink him.

Although it shrinks slowly, at least it will not have side effects.

It will not have as strong side effects as chemotherapy.

So you can wait patiently at this time.

After the tumor shrinks, the physical strength improves and the person becomes fatter.

If the body is physically strong, then consider surgical resection.

Q: My father himself has stomach cancer. 

There is no way to operate. 

After eating this, I think his overall improvement is very good. 

Because the bowel movement can't come out originally. 

After eating for nearly a month, his condition has improved a lot. 

Then it is easy to defecate. 

You can defecate three to four times a day. 

It's just that he eats four times a day. 

Eat on an empty stomach before going to bed and then vomit a little bit. 

But eating during the day is no problem. 

What is the situation? 

A: Because he eats on an empty stomach; he should be allowed to eat a little bit before taking it. 

【Brain Cancer】

One patient is in his thirties.

He is taller and stronger than me.

He used to be a patient who has been unable to treat in major hospitals.

If this patient goes under surgery, the questions will be whether he can move his hands and feet, whether he can talk later, and whether he will become a vegetative person.

So the operation may be paralyzed for life; who will take care of it after the age of thirty-one?

Therefore, the doctor told the family members that the operation could not be performed.

He uses this, about five or six months later.

He can go to work in a life insurance company just like a healthy person.

But after the patient gradually recovered his health, he was negligent.

The dosage is reduced from two capsules to one capsule by itself.

Call again after three months.

Originally, the patient walked normally, but now he walks constantly beating.

It is recommended that he restore the original dose.

At this time, other problems come at the same time.

The doctor said: "You have to get radiotherapy as soon as possible, otherwise it will be too late."

As a result, the family decided on radiotherapy.

The patient died after the fifth radiotherapy treatment.

His father said, "After the fifth radiotherapy, the whole situation deteriorated."

Therefore, in patients with brain cancer, surgery and radiotherapy will relatively harm the brain cells.

And there is no way to recover the damage caused.

Therefore, it is very good to improve and progress in radiotherapy.

However, the chance of the entire tumor disappeared by radiotherapy is very small.

The goal of doctors now is to slow down the growth of tumors and prolong the lives of patients as much as possible.

However, relative attention should be paid to the risks of radiotherapy.

Because the use of radiation is similar to the method of cauterization.

The path that the radiation penetrates through the brain cells can cause harm.

Moreover, radiotherapy will swell the brain tissue greatly, and the symptoms will worsen at this time.

You must remember that brain pressure must be well controlled.

If the brain pressure is not well controlled, his whole situation will be very bad at this time.

If the brain pressure is well controlled, the doctor's treatment will prolong the life of the patient.

So be careful yourself.

【Breast Cancer, Uterine Fibroids】

Patient: Ms. Lin

Age: 52 years old


1. Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ, HER2+

2. 2021/10 breast cancer in situ is malignant cancer and all have been removed.

3. All breast lesions are cleaned up, and a part of the breast remains.

4. Cut out three sentinel lymph nodes from the breast to make sure that the lymph nodes are not infected.

5. Do 15 times of radiotherapy

6. 2 uterine fibroids

7. Take Tamoxifen for more than a year

8. Examination of the endometrium reveals that there is a thickening.

Start taking in October 2020

The patient is suffering from an inherited genotype of breast cancer (family inheritance).

All paternal and maternal families who have suffered from breast cancer have passed away.

Only the elder sister and the patient are left, both of whom also suffer from breast cancer.


Patient's self-reported improvement

1. A new bunch of black hair grows out of the white hair on my forehead; and it keeps growing.

2. My physique has really been changing, and the cell replacement and repair have also been improving. I am so happy.

3. It means that all my efforts and actions are moving towards the right (better) place

4. I can sleep very well now. Now my sleep quality is good and I fall asleep easily. My mitochondrial disease has also been improving rapidly.


The patient has been taking Tamoxifen for more than a year.

But the doctor found it strange that the patient did not have menopause.

Because more than 90% of people who take Tamoxifen will have menopausal effects.

The patient’s uterine examination at the beginning of October showed that the endometrial thickness of 0.9 cm was close to the risk value of 1 cm.

Patients with a high risk must pay more attention.

Tamoxifen inhibits the effects of hormones to prevent breast cancer.

But the side effect of Tamoxifen is the problem of uterine cancer caused by abnormal endometrial hyperplasia.

Q: I have had a lot of bleeding recently, what should I do?

A: I think the effects and side effects of Tamoxifen over the years are very clear in medical reports.

Tamoxifen does make it difficult for patients to continue using it.

Once the patient has taken Tamoxifen for 5 to 10 years.

Abnormal endometrial hyperplasia poses the threat of cancer.

It is basically uncertain that the cause of massive bleeding is related to Tamoxifen.

The problem of excessive menstrual bleeding caused by normal endometrial hyperplasia or uterine fibroids will improve after menopause.

If it is not an invasive examination, it is necessary to go to the hospital for an ultrasound examination.

After the inspection report comes out, you will feel more at ease if you know the reason.

If you feel the feeling of taking silymarin and this is acceptable.

This acts on apoptotic cancer cells and promotes metabolism.

If there is normal endocrine (hormonal) metabolism.

In theory, it also avoids the problem of hormones causing breast cancer recurrence.

I am not sure about the side effects of temporarily stopping or reducing Tamoxifen.

Search for related papers or find a doctor willing to explain.

Patients need not only treatment methods, but also enough information to understand what's wrong with them.

Promoting one's health depends on healthy confidence, positive energy, and spontaneity.

These are things that doctors cannot give, and they are more precious.

Tamoxifen functions to prevent breast cancer recurrence caused by female hormones.

Tamoxifen effect is not 100% preventive effect either.

The most important thing for patients is to find products that are suitable for them to prevent  a recurrence.

Q: If the doctor's instructions and suggestions. Can I use this together with silymarin... to prevent recurrence?

A: This is an apoptosis mechanism, not by inhibition (hormonal inhibition).

 The mechanism is different.


Q: Can I not take Tamoxifen, just take this + silymarin medicine?

My colleague has breast cancer for 8 years, and she has been taking Tamoxifen for 8 years.

5 years ago, her liver index had been rising and it turned into a scarlet letter.

She has occasional rashes on her skin.

5 years ago, her endometrium thickened too much, and she had a curettage the year before.

Last year, the doctor said to her directly: the risk of taking this medicine is inherently there. Please decide by yourself whether to continue taking the medicine or stop the medicine or change other medicines.

But other drugs are stronger than Tamoxifen's medicine, aren't they more side effects?

A: Actually, the decision whether to take medicine or not lies with the patient, not the doctor. 


I agreed with my husband last night and decided not to take Tamoxifen anymore.

I will concentrate on eating this and silymarin...

Of course, do all the good deeds that should be done from Buddhism's perspective, and assist in exercise, diet, work and rest, positive thinking, etc... and so on. Both are necessary and indispensable bonus points.

I hope to continue to live on the motivation to cherish my free time, learn about Buddhism, take on the teacher’s career, repay the teacher’s grace, repay Buddha’s grace, and repay everything like a mother’s affectionate kindness! 


Q: I mentioned to you that I was worried about the side effects of taking Tamoxifen all the time.

It may cause abnormal thickening of the endometrium and cause cancer.

Because in November last year, the inner membrane thickness of 0.92 cm was approaching the dangerous value of 1 cm.

Therefore, the doctor recommends a follow-up inspection in about half a year. (Check again after menstruation is over)

Today's examination results-the endometrium really thickened beyond the critical value.

It changed from 0.92 to 1.55 cm in less than half a year.       

But the two uterine fibroids have been reduced to 1.2 and 2.4 cm.

Take it 3 times a day. 2 tablets each time.

Silymarin is also 2 capsules once a day, as well as using the energy stickers you sent.

2/3, I stopped taking Tamoxifen by myself.

I wonder if you have any suggestions?

A: The treatment of abnormal and rapid endometrial hyperplasia can be tried with Chinese medicine.

It is good to take traditional Chinese medicine to avoid physical injury caused by surgery.

Otherwise, the endometrial curettage operation is very harmful to the body.

It depletes the body like a miscarriage.

Worry about the side effects of endometrial curettage surgery causing uterine sticking problems.


Last night, the doctor confirmed that endometrial curettage will be done on 3/27 (due to the side effects of taking Tamoxifen).

And send the tissues for laboratory tests for cancerous lesions.

My attending physician immediately reduced the dosage of one Tamoxifen a day.

But I didn't dare to take Tamoxifen at all. I stopped taking Tamoxifen in early February and only concentrated on this and silymarin.

In fact, the doctor is very worried, because he said that although I was a patient who was diagnosed with breast cancer in the early stage, because I am HER2+, I should not take it lightly.


Breast cancer test results

The cancer index is normal.

Other blood reports and various examination data are very beautiful.

Lung X-rays and chest ultrasound were normal.

The doctor gave 100 points, it must be well controlled and maintained.

The side effects of the abnormal and rapid endometrial hyperplasia caused by Tamoxifen are relatively large.

The daily dose of Tamoxifen was changed to half or one tablet a day.

Endometrial follow-up examination is required every three months.

If the symptoms are not alleviated, the Tamoxifen dose becomes one capsule every two days.

Patient's conclusion

The above inspection results.

It is found that all the directions and methods of efforts after breast cancer surgery are correct. I am very encouraged and affirmed and I am more confident!

I can be more certain that Tamoxifen is really not suitable for me.

I decided not to take Tamoxifen at the beginning of February this year.

Otherwise, my endometrial hyperplasia problem should be more serious this time

After I recover from the damage caused by the endometrial surgery.

I will try my best to metabolize the cold and toxins caused by western medicine as soon as possible.

Let the physical strength be able to quickly recover back.

I discussed it with my husband last night.

He was very sure and encouraged me to continue taking this and silymarin and stop taking Tamoxifen.

I expect to take this until 10/25 this year, and breast cancer has occurred for two years.

Because I am a genotype breast cancer patient who has not yet menopause and is HER2+, the risk is higher, so I should not take it lightly.

If the situation is the same, the control is very good.

Follow the recommended reduction and change to the maintenance dose to take these 3-4 capsules and 2 silymarin capsules per day.


Patient review

1. Follow-up examination of the endometrium and uterine fibroids.

  The endometrium is thinner than it was three months ago.

  Uterine fibroids have shrunk again; one is 1 cm; the other is 2 cm.

2. Take pictures and blood tests on both sides of breast cancer.

  The blood test report and the cancer index are all within the normal value; other check items are also within the normal value. Change it for half a year and then follow-up inspection

3. The estrogen is still high and there is currently no possibility of menopause.

  Patients still need to pay attention.

[Other symptoms]

Q: What should I do if the patient vomits and has diarrhea after eating? 

A: Diarrhea is caused by abnormal peristalsis caused by tumors growing in the intestines.

Then observe the stomach after taking this intestinal motility, the diarrhea phenomenon has not improved?

Especially after eating something, gastric intestinal motility faster.

So he may go to the toilet immediately after eating.

Because the tumor grows in the gastrointestinal tract, the irritation will cause peristalsis and diarrhea.

In fact, there is nothing in the patient's stomach and intestines to discharge, but gastrointestinal peristalsis is to go to the toilet.

One month after using this, you will observe gastrointestinal peristalsis, vomiting, and intestinal blockage.

One month later, You will know if the whole symptoms have improved.

Q: Sometimes it spit out bile. 

A: Maybe the patient has nothing in his stomach to vomit.

Drink water for half an hour and it will be absorbed by the stomach and intestines.

The Intravenous injection will not run to the stomach.

So the most likely thing is to drink water, otherwise, it is saliva.

Q: Can the patient absorb it now? 

A: At first, it may spit out like eating food.

Because there is no way to improve the symptoms in an instant.

The initial stage of improvement in general patients mostly occurs from the tenth day to the fourteenth day.

That is to say, it takes ten to fifteen days for it to enter the body and take effect.

Only the patient can feel the effect.

Some patients are more sensitive and can feel the effect on the seventh day.

Q: Can I take 4 tablets at a time? 

A: Yes.

In fact, 3 tablets at a time are enough.

If you take 4 pills.

The fact is that you have difficulty in getting back to health quickly.

Q: Will I feel dizzy after taking this? 

A: No.

This will not cause dizziness.

After eating, it will feel relaxed. 

[Other cases] 

Patient: Mr. Lin.

Age: 72 years old

Symptoms: prostate cancer metastasizes to bones.

Record: Original 362 APA before taking.

6/25. start using.

8/21; taking about 2 months.

The weight gain of 6 kg shows that the appetite has improved a lot.

The APA dropped from 362 to 21.6.

In another month, the APA dropped from 21.6 to 14.2.

Liver function is normal.

So far, the follow-up status is stable, and the cancer cells have run to the back spine.

Patient: Ms. Zhang.

Age: 76 years old.

Symptoms: Cholangiocarcinoma

Record: RGT-771 and ALP-660,

After 10 days of taking it, appetite increased and spirit improved.

40 days later. RGT is reduced to 510; ALP is reduced to 460.

Improved liver function.

Continue to use the previous prescription.

Weight gain, improved physical strength, and stable blood pressure.

This can be combined treatment to help you be able to do the effective treatment.

Help restore health as soon as possible.

The characteristics of an ideal anti-cancer drug: 

1. Selectively kill cancer cells without harming normal cells.

2. In a short period of time, it acts quickly and produces improvement effects .

    Appetite improvement and weight gain in 10 days.

    The whole quality of life has improved.

3. No harm to other organs, no serious side effects. 

4. Oral medication. 

Generally, patients must be treated in the hospital for a long time.

Eat this when you are at home.

It will definitely help your treatment and improve the efficiency of your treatment.

This can alleviate the pain caused by cancer. 

Ways to improve the quality of life and the dignity of life: 

1. Promote appetite. 

2. Relieve pain (patients with terminal cancer who cannot relieve pain with morphine). 

3. Improve constipation caused by cancer. 

Some patients eat but can't defecate.

Doctors often use magnesium oxide (MGO) to help patients with bowel movements.

But the patient is unable to defecate and cause pain.

The patient will be painful and use morphine again.

Because morphine inhibits the contraction of smooth muscles, the patient's large intestine will not move and cause the inability to defecate.

Such a vicious circle.

So after using this, appetite will increase and bowel movements will be smoother.

The quality of life is naturally improved.

What cancer patients pursue in the early stages is treatment.

The tumor must be reduced, even to the point where it does not exist.

When cancer patients reach the middle stage, the cancer cells have spread out.

The appeal is to extend life.

Is there a chance to be cured? Have!

But the opportunities are already relatively small.

But prolonging life became his appeal point.

In the process of prolonging life, I hope that the quality of life is normal so that it will not affect the family.

Cancer patients hope that they will be painless and comfortable in their final stages.

Let the patient leave with life and dignity.

These are the three different demands of cancer patients.

At present, most patients are lung cancer; breast cancer and liver cancer are the second.

Lung cancer and breast cancer are currently considered to have the most obvious effect.

[Family Sharing]

I just listened to your shared experience.

My father has eaten the second box this month.

The whole situation has improved and progressed a lot.

This is a very positive practice for us.

In the beginning, the doctor had no other way and was already ready to live in the Anning Ward.

Because my father is seventy-three years old, the risk of chemotherapy is very high.

Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are also not allowed.

The doctor has tried his best.

Because we are family members, we must take care of ourselves.

So we choose a positive approach.

After we tried it, the whole response was good.

I think my father's symptoms have improved and his physical strength has improved.

So I think we will actively take it all the time.

Many family members of cancer patients were contacted in the hospital.

In fact, apart from the helplessness of cancer patients themselves, the family members themselves are also helpless.

The doctors talk about surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.

Those who cannot be operated on go to other hospitals.

Just change the doctor to do chemotherapy.

Try two or three courses of treatment.

Then after we ate a box, my dad can already do some exercise in the morning.

He couldn't do sports in the first place.

Eating and walking have become more stable and improved.

I think this has a very positive meaning.

Many patients are just as helpless as we are, and don't know who to look for.

In fact, they also know in their hearts that improvement and progress are limited.

For us to change the way is to change the pipeline.

There is no good way, let's try this method.

This is a new way, you can try and see.

thank you all.

[Cancer occurs from a scientific/unscientific point of view]

1. Explore the occurrence of cancer from a scientific point of view-"external factors" cause "internal lesions"

Scientific perspective-environment, body, and instrument detection perspective

The influence of the external environment, causing internal diseases of the body

 1-1 External factors

    Living in an aldehyde environment

    Pesticide fruits and vegetables

    Environmental hormones

 1-2 Inner disease

 1-2-1 The automatic DNA repair system in the cell fails

 1-2-2 Failure of the intracellular growth control system

 1-2-3 The natural regulation factor in the blood is out of control

 1-2-4 Immune cell defense attack is invalid

 1-3 Scientific perspective-cancer solutions/medical methods

  1-3-1 Western medicine: resection, chemotherapy, electrotherapy, targeting, immunotherapy,....

Western medicine mechanism includes:

  1-3-1-1 Induce cancer cell apoptosis

  1-3-1-2 Inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells

  1-3-1-3 Block the cancer cells division cycle

  1-3-1-4 Strengthen the body's immunity

  1-3-1-5 Induce cancer cell differentiation

  1-3-1-6 Anti-angiogenesis

  1-3-1-7 Prevent cancer cell metastasis

     And so on as the main axis

  1-3-2 Chinese Medicine 

  1-3-3 Ayurvedic Medicine 

  1-3-4 Classical Medicine (Resonance Principle)- Dr. You   

  1-3-5 CCH Foundation USA   

  1-3-6 Homeopathy (holographic medicine/resonance principle) 

  1-3-7 Natural Therapy 

If you look at it from the perspective that cancer cells are afraid of oxygen.

The patient should be chronically hypoxic.

It should be chronic hypoxia in the patient's body.

Cells in order to survive in a hypoxic environment.

Cells have to become cancer cells.

Cancer cells are more suitable for survival in a hypoxic environment.

So how to increase the oxygen content of cells.

1. Self-reliance: exercise / sports.

2. External force: physical method; infrared, hot compress,... to promote blood circulation.

The problem is that the blood in the body is not clean.

No matter how the cycle is, it is dirty and problematic.

Silymarin: Silymarin (NO.1 | Hepana) helps the liver repair quickly.

After the liver is repaired, liver metabolism and detoxification are normal.

The liver effectively detoxifies and metabolizes toxins, and the blood circulation in the body is clean.

Solamargine: solamargine promotes apoptotic cancer cells.

Solamargine metabolizes and removes bad cells in the body.

Patch: Patch activates autologous stem cells.

Natural stem cell therapy. Effectively enhance the self-immunity to deal with the body's foreign cells.

Then the body is still hypoxic.

So the patient must exercise.

The easiest way is to breathe (breathing, yoga breathing, meditation).

How to effectively increase the oxygen content of cells is to lengthen the time of breathing.

When inhaling: Inhale slowly, slenderly, and evenly; take an inhale for 10 seconds each time.

The inhalation time slowly increases;

Train to take an inhale.

To 10 seconds -20 seconds -30 seconds.

You can recite the holy name silently.

Visualize the saints and gods to bless and benefit all sentient beings.

Hold your breath again.

Let the cells exchange oxygen.

From 5 seconds to 10 seconds to 20 seconds

When exhaling then exhale (exhaust) slowly and vigorously from the mouth.

From 10 seconds to 20 seconds to 30 seconds.

The exhalation seconds slowly increase.

There are planned stages of training, slowly increasing the time from 15 minutes.

Improve your lung capacity and relative cell oxygen content also increase.

The sports environment and air quality must also be good.

The environment is not good, and the patient sucks a bunch of exhaust gas to make it worse.

2. The non-scientific perspective of cancer

2-0 always said

Use causal stories to explore non-scientific perspectives

People who are easy to get sick mostly commit evil deeds of killing karma and hurting others.

It may be a previous life, not necessarily the present

You can see the story of Dharma as Water

From the cause and effect story

We treat unlimited life as a sporting event

I am a participating athlete

Often loses the spirit of sportsman

Bad mentality makes all bad sports behaviors

Such as kidnapping, plotting, ... causing injury to others

Cause the injury of others and cause the dissatisfaction of others

Dissatisfaction of others leads to resentment and revenge

The resentment and revenge of others caused one's own injury-the occurrence of cancer

The most effective and quick way to resolve grievances is to sincerely apologize and confess.

I am the one who caused the problem. Only oneself can fix it.  

The cure of a broken heart is heartening news.

If shy

You can pray for the help of the Medicine Buddha、Father、Blessed Virgin Mary、Allah

Sutra of the Medicine Buddha version 1 

Sutra of the Medicine Buddha version 2

Sutra of the Medicine Buddha version 3 

An inner spiritual assistance

Plus external good medical care

It can also accelerate the rapid recovery of the body and mind

Repent well and never make mistakes again

Work hard every day to help others and do good deeds

Then create every good karma, Buddhist altruism (release of life)

Maybe it’s a good two-pronged approach

Good confession, chanting, prayer, dedication, release...

I wish you all the karma, illness, and physical and mental well-being

2-1 Non-scientific perspective/psychological perspective

Buddhist Viewpoint: Bad Karma (killing others/harming others)-the story of Dharma as Water

Dr. Li's View

Causes of cancer


Main / Induced

1. Infant Spirits


main reason

  (Abortion, miscarriage,...)

2. Harming others


  Kill others

3. No worship/memorial to ancestors

  Wrong-way to worship/memorialize ancestors

4. Food contamination


Predisposing factors

5. Caused by environmental pollution

 2-2 The Non-scientific Perspective of Cancer-Solutions/Non-Medical Methods/Religious Methods/Repentance Methods/Resolution of Resentment


Repent, pray, show compassion, continue to do good deeds (help others, release life, free captive animals)


"Liang Huangbao Repentance", 


"The Sutra of Medicine Buddha",

Sutra of the Medicine Buddha version 1

Sutra of the Medicine Buddha version 2

Sutra of the Medicine Buddha version 3

Buddhist English Classics

Life Extension Method-Release (free captive animals)

Christianity : Confession, Repent

Catholicism : the Sacrament of Penance (Confession, repair and Sacrament, the Sacrament of Reconciliation)

Islam: Fasting (confession, repent)

Dr. Li: Do the homework that patients have to do before Brainwave Quantum Healing.

  1. To save your life, you must first worship/memorialize your ancestors.

      Worship / commemorate ancestors, ancestors will bless the children and grandchildren.

  2. Mr. Wang Lao's "No Resentments", the patient carefully copied it again.

      Repentance Samadhi-the patient's first sincere meditation 108 times; afterwards, the patient chants 3 times a day.

  3. Use Florid Canopy to recite silently "Nanwu Amitabha" ten thousand times; Using Florid Canopy silently increased the efficacy by 7 times. Uninterrupted meditation to send blessings. At least once every morning, noon, and night, 108 times each time.

      Christianity and Catholicism pronounce "Hallelujah".

      Islam says "Allahu akbar" 

膻中穴_Chest Center(RN17)_R3.jpg

  4. Start Brainwave Quantum Healing treatment

  5. Free captive animals  

  6. Make great wishes (solemn vows;Bodhicitta;have pity ) and do good for life

  7. Smile for 15 minutes every day (boost immunity)

  8. Crying therapy-calm down and cry (clean up negative emotions)

Dr. Li: Brainwave Quantum Healing.

Mr. Wang Lao's "No Resentments"

Repentance Samadhi  


 A. Brainwave Quantum Healing treatment is to repair your broken and broken cells and build a healthy wall for the patient. 20 points

 B. Resolve with grievances and creditors; it is very important to apologize, confess, and regret. Accounted for 80 points. (I am the one who caused the problem. Only myself can fix it. The cure of a broken heart is heartening news.) 

 C. Cancer must help yourself (the success rate of internal self-help is 87%).

 D. The turn of mind (confession, apology, repent) is greater than any external force or medical help.

 E. Compassion (mercy; benevolent;Bodhicitta;have pity)> karma (confession, apology, bad karma)> supernatural power (external force, medical treatment) 

No religion: 4 magical verses to clean up negative emotions

  Sincerely say to myself, "I'm sorry, thank you, I love you, please forgive me"


1. Promote apoptosis of cancer cells

2. No harm to normal cells

3. Does not harm the human immune system and hematopoietic system

4. Reduce the resistance of cancer cells

5. Reduce side effects of chemotherapy

6. Reduce the risk of recurrence

7. Enhance the effect of chemotherapy

8. It can be combined with western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine

9. Pure plant extract, no chemical ingredients


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