Farewell | Wrinkles | Crow's feet | Verruca Plana | Milia | Skin polyp | Syringoma

Farewell | Wrinkles | Crow's feet | Verruca Plana | Milia | Skin polyp | Syringoma

Farewell | wrinkles | Crow's feet | Verruca Plana | Milia |  Skin polyp | Syringoma

1. Remove wrinkles

2. Activate regenerated elastic fibers

3. Eliminate mutant cells

4. SR-T100 features

"SR-T100" extracts the essence of solanum fruit.

"SR-T100" can not only delay skin aging and improve wrinkles, but also make skin firm, supple and smooth!

"SR-T100" regenerates supple skin! !

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Effects of Solanum undatum extract (SR-T100) on photocarcinogenesis and photoaging of actinic keratosis

SR-T100 gel treatment for 16 weeks resulted in complete remission in nine AK lesions and partial remission in four AK lesions. 

SR-T100 gel abolished the expression of mutant p53 and SOX2 and restored the expression of NOTCH1. 

Additionally, SR-T100 gel improved wrinkling in human skin, while restoring the expression of lamin B1 and increasing synthesis of new elastic fibers. 

SR-T100 gel had therapeutic effects on photocarcinogenesis and photoaging of photodamaged skin with AK.



1. Remove wrinkles

Discovered "SR-T100" extract of solanaceous fruit plant extract.

"SR-T100" penetrates deep into the skin layer, restores skin elasticity, makes skin shiny, restores luster to the skin from the inside out, and regenerates supple skin.


2. Activate regenerated elastic fibers | "SR-T100" regenerates supple skin! !

SR-T100 has a small molecule that can penetrate deep into the dermis of the skin, activate fibrocytes in the dermal tissue, and regenerate elastic fibers, so it can delay skin aging and improve wrinkles.

SR-T100 can also strengthen the skin's horny water retention capacity, slow down the loss of water and make the skin firm and smooth.


3. Eliminate mutant cells

Confirmed by clinical trials

SR-T100 can effectively remove sun-aged skin, remove abnormal cells, activate and regenerate skin elastic fibers, and remove wrinkles.

SR-T100 has a mild effect, no irritation, and will not cause side effects such as redness, burning, desquamation or even light sensitivity.

When SR-T100 improves the skin texture, it also increases the repairability and water retention capacity of epidermal cells, so that the skin gradually restores its health.

Compared with other anti-aging ingredients on the market, SR-T100 eliminates wrinkles and spots on the skin without causing any irritation and light sensitivity.

SR-T100 has high stability and provides a new and gentle choice for anti-aging and repairing.

SR-T100 can be used in the morning and evening.

SR-T100 features

1. It is a mild, low-sensitivity product that can be directly used for the maintenance of the eye area.

2. Non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin.

3. Improve wrinkles, crow's feet, flat warts, verruca plana, milia, skin polyps, syringoma

4. Promote cell metabolism, which can improve the skin's repair and water retention capacity.

5. Matching with the ultimate whitening and brightening cream can enhance the whitening effect.

6. It does not contain moisturizing effect. For dry skin, it is recommended to use it with an extreme whitening cream.

7. The effect of using SR-T100 is more obvious for people over 30 years old.

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